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November 6, 2015
Relationship Dating Goals

“Oh, I am in a relationship, so this blog is not for me.”

I get it. When you get married, the romance is over. Caput. Buh-Bye.

Isn’t that what you’re saying when you tell me this blog is only for single people? I say PHOOEY.

You show me a relationship without dates and I’ll show you a relationship that’s lost it’s spark.

Sure, when you’re in a relationship, you might not have the first date jitters. The butterflies in your stomach. The sweaty palms and the incessant nervous glances at your phone as you imagine you feel the faint buzz of a text reply.

But that sure as heck doesn’t mean you get to be lazy when it comes to dates!

Relationship date in Santa Monica

There’s nothing quite as romantic as a selfie-sesh.

In fact, I’d say I love dating even more when I’m in a relationship than when I’m single! I get to spend my time with someone who knows me and knows what I like. Which means they’re probably planning things I like to do.

You mean, I get to do the things I like with someone I like doing the things with?

Now that sounds like a hell of a lot of fun.

So when you tell me you like this blog for your single friends, it makes me sad. You should be enjoying it as much as, if not MORE than the people drudging through Tinder and OKcupid to find someone to join them.

You want a cheap happy hour? A walk on the beach? A quick bite to eat or a work-out buddy? Your date is already there by your side.

I find that the times my relationship falters the most are when we’ve lost touch doing the things that made us feel so connected and fun before things got “serious”. Especially the things that made us feel unique as individuals and as a couple. The things that made us feel ourselves.

The comfort of a relationship can make you lazy. You’re busy. You’re tired. You’ve got a lot going on. And you’ve got someone who loves you to lump on the couch with while zoning out to squawks of the Real Housewives.

But is that fun? Is that who you are? (Although, making your bf watch Real Housewives for the first time is actually hilarious).

Couch potato date

Feed me, Seymour. FEED ME!

Think back to when the two of you first started dating. What did YOU love to do most? What was something that excited you? Something that you wanted to introduce your partner to so that you could see their eyes light up as they experienced it for the first time?

It’s easy to lose touch with those things the busier and the more casual we get in a relationship. Yet its those discoveries and exciting moments that keep a bit of the element of surprise alive!

Bring back the spark! Plan something special. Feel inspired to design your own unique Twenty Dollar Date! (And send it to me because I need inspiration too!)

Relationship and Dating

I Twenty Dollar DARE you to accept this $20 date-planning challenge!

Think about it. If you’re in a relationship, you’re going places. Metaphorically. (And hopefully literally – in the proper use of the term.) You might get a house one day. You might have kids. And you know what? Those things cost a lot more than $20 bucks.

Which is sexier in a partner: A savings account or credit card debt?

DING DING DING! I choose Door #1, please. And that’s hard to accomplish in this day and age living in an expensive metropolitan area like Los Angeles.

So if you can have fun together for around $20, whether it’s at home trying a new spicy chicken recipe or getting out to a new part of town – even if it means crossing the 405 at rush hour… why wouldn’t you?

Just because you fart in front of each other doesn’t mean you should just fart around.

Need help finding ways to reignite the spark on date night? Tweet me, message me. I got you.


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