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5 Dates to Bring Your Mom On

May 6, 2016

You should take your mom on a date. And not just because you’ve got an Oedipus complex.

One of the biggest Mother’s Day concerns for both Moms and kids alike is balancing how much the kid spends on their gift. It’s a struggle, finding something worthy of mom while still actually affording life.

Believe me, your mom would probably say you paying your rent on your own instead of moving back into the basement is the biggest gift of all.

Have no fear! Your $20 Date skills can come just as in handy on Mother’s Day as they do on Tinder. It truly is the thought that counts. And Mother’s Day is all about showing mom how much you think of her!

If you think you’ve got the best mom in the world, but not all the money in the world, these Mom Date ideas will surely be something special.

Cards are cute, but save your money for the date. CLICK HERE to kick your celebration off with this FREE printable Mother’s Day card to show your love.

Prepare yourself for the tears when you ask your mom if you can take her out on a date this week.

5 Dates to Bring Your Mom On | Affordable Mother's Day Mom Date ideas that are fun for all generations.

Three generations of women who can’t say no a cheap glass of wine.

Get Mama Outta the House this Mother’s Day!

Mom Date Option 1: Grab a Glass of Vino

If your mom was anything like my mom, she sacrificed the fancy wines so you could have the fancy clothes. Find a wine bar (or ask Mom if she’d be down to push Mother’s Day to Wine Wednesday) and treat her to a glass of the good stuff.

Up your game a few notches and reserve two spots at a local wine tasting class. The Santa Monica Wine Expo offers 90min wine tasting courses (wine included!) for $10 per person.

Learn some tips about wine tasting HERE and impress mom by how good you seem to be at adulting. Cheers to that!

Mom Date Option 2: Haunt the Happy Hour

Odds are your mom gave up at least a good 18 years of her social life to take care of you.  Show her you got the good genes and giver her a chance to wear the good jeans by taking her out on the town to your favorite local joint.

The last time I brought my mom to happy hour, we got 3 free rounds. Bartenders love moms. My mom loves free rounds. Like mother, like daughter, I guess!

Mom Date Option 3: Bust a Move Together

Get ready to shake what your mama gave ya. Zumba, anyone? Fit moms are fun moms. Snag two passes to her favorite fitness class and get ready to burn as many calories laughing together as you will from the cardio.

Many places, like Moore Dancing ($5), will offer your first class for a discounted price.

Mom Date Option 4: Pay Tribute to Her… at Karaoke

Pick all Mom themed songs for a fun spin on Karaoke night. Find a karaoke bar that has private rooms for the fam or a place with no cover fees at the door. 

Here’s some song ideas to get your kick your karaoke off on the right note:

Scissor Sisters: “Do it, take your mama out all night!”

Guns ‘N Roses: “Ohhhhh, oh, oh, Sweet Child o’ miiiine”

Spice Girls: “Mama, I love you… Mama, my friend…”

Throwback to the days when mom sang (a little too) loudly in the car when she dropped you off at school. Mother-Daughter/Son Duets? Just make sure someone captures it all on home video.

Mom Date Option 5: Host Her for Brunch

Let’s be real. Mother’s Day Brunch out costs you an arm and a leg. So instead use that leg to walk you to the market and that arm to gather some groceries. What mom can resist a home-cooked meal from their kids?

Back in the day, I use to surprise my mom on Mother’s Day with a breakfast in bed of super sugary cinnamon toast, almonds and pickles. Now that my tastes have refined and that menu is no longer an adorable surprise, I go with a waffle bar and mimosas. Check out my fool proof way to get fluffy waffles HERE and grab a bottle of Freixenet (because champagne doesn’t get better than that for $7).

How are you planning on showing Mom your love this Mother’s Day? Moms, inspire us with some ideas on how YOU want to spend your day!


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