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Pair Food and Wine the Easy Way with this Guide

May 18, 2016
Food & Wine Pairing Guide | Free guide download! Keep this guide on hand for easy access to perfectly pair your food and wine on your next date night or party.

Hello, my sweet child. Let me hold your hand as I lead you to the easiest guide to food and wine pairing you’re ever gonna save to your phone… but first… you must read.

Frankly, my priorities on date night usually center around food first. I’m like Pavlov’s dog. Mention food and I salivate.

But mention wine, and I start to drool.

Since I tend to want both wine and food at the same time, I find myself constantly running into one major problem. WINE PAIRING.

Riddle me this:

Are you the type of person who orders a glass of wine at a restaurant and then thinks, “Hmm, what should I order that would pair well with this wine?”

Nope. Neither am I.

What about when you go to the market to plan a dinner date in? Do you go with a specific wine varietal in mind and pair your dinner around that?

Yea, me neither.

An easy to use wine and food pairing guide that you can save to your phone! Sneak it out at any restaurant or before any party to pick the perfect wine to pair with your meal. | $20 Date

Once upon a time I went on my first real date with my (now) boyfriend, P. He fancies himself more of a wine connoisseur than I, and took it upon himself to order my wine for me.

Without consent.

Now, that may seem sweet and all, but WTF. He told me what to pair my wine with and I was like “I don’t even like bolognese! I’M A PESCATARIAN!”

Long story short, we’re now in love and I order my own wine. But this is how I learned an important lesson. Most of the time I want to choose my food first and then pair my wine selection around that.

Odds are you’re probably like me (I hope. Either that, or I’m some hysteric freak who yelled at a kind man for doing what he thought was the gentlemanly thing.)

If you are, you’ve probably run into my dilemma. So many places tell you what wines pair with what food. But we wanna pair our food with wine. Does anyone out here share this pain?

Quell your fears, ladies and gents, and prepare to drink the pain away!

Food and Wine Pairing made easy | Free Guide Download | $20 Date | Twenty Dollar Date

After extensive research, I’ve made this basic color coded guide that you can save as an image on your phone and keep handy where ever you are. The guide allows you to pair your wine with your food OR your food with your wine. Just look for the type of flavors of the dish you want and find the matching wine color on the list. Or vice versa.

Can I get an AMEN?!

I pair my wine with food because even pizza deserves to feel fancy sometimes.Click To Tweet

This chart is going to help you truly kick ass and look like a pro on date night or at any party.

Does your date want oysters? Recommend the Sav Blanc! Is the party a sausage fest? Bring a zinfandel!

Really. Zinfandel pairs with sausage.

But please don’t use that as a pickup line.

Leave the complexity to the wine and click to download this Food & Wine Pairing List to have on hand for easy access.

Wine and Food Pairing Guide | Pair your wine with food or food with wine by using this simple download-able guide! Save it to your phone as an image for easy access whenever you need advice on which wine to order. | $20 Date

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