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5 Ways to Tour Los Angeles on Wheels

May 17, 2016
5 Ways to Tour Los Angeles on Wheels for a Cheap Date | $20 Date | Bikes, Skateboarding, Beach Cruiser, Bus Tour... and where to find the best places to rent them!

Let’s get one thing straight. Traffic is a damn shame. A real bummer.

We let it hinder us from getting out and enjoying this beautiful city of angels in which we live!

The thing about traffic is… it’s really just an excuse. Because we can rule the road in more than just planes, trains and automobiles (ok, mostly its just the automobiles causing the problem here).

Think about it this way. Since when does a long, slow, ride in the passenger seat count as a date? Not exactly living life in the fast lane. Frankly, being the driver can be a burden. No booze. No beautiful fresh air. Not to mention the painful prices of gas these days.

But hop on a bike, segway or skateboard and your mode of transportation can become the date.

Yea, I know. MIND. BLOWN. (But better your mind than your tires.)

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Now that the gears are turning, check out these ways to put the pedal to the pavement for cheap and tour Los Angeles on wheels this week.

Tour Los Angeles by…

Renting a Bike and Cruising the Beach

Tour Los Angeles on Wheels | 5 cheap ways to experience a new side of LA | Bikes / Bus Tours / Skate Parks / Segway Tours / Cycling / Beach Crusing

Walks on the beach are romantic, but bike rides on the beach are FUN.

No bike? No problem! Between rideshare bikes (like those neon green Hulu ones) and beach cruiser rental stands, you’ve got no excuse.

You can snag a $10 bike rental in Santa Monica HERE after 4pm and cruise the strand for the perfect spot to watch the sun go down over the water.

When the sun goes down, we’ll be beach cruisin’. When the sun goes down, we’ll be biking all right. When the sun sets down over the water… everything gets hotter when the sun goes down.

And nothing is hotter than saving money, #amirite?

Check out this $6 Venice rental and grab some 2-for-1 happy hour 4-8pm at Cabo Cantina down the street.

Tour Los Angeles by…

Putting the Roll in Stroll with a Segway Tour

If you've never felt the wind in your face on a segway, you've never truly felt alive.Click To Tweet

They see you rollin. They hatin’.

Ok, so rolling down the street on a segway may not exactly be riding dirty (unless you accidently off road into the rustic terrain of a drought-friendly landscaped front yard). But you’re lying to me if you say you’ve never wanted to ride one of them bad boys.

The price of renting a segway will usually make you want to find a segue out the topic all together. Thankfully, it’s Groupon to the rescue!

Who gives a crap if you use a coupon for a segway tour? Come on, the only way to make a segway date more authentic is to use coupons and wear matching Hawaiian shirts. And I’d be let down if you didn’t take me up on doing both of those.

Use the code WELCOME on your first Groupon deal and enjoy another $10 off as you roll off into the sunset.

Tour Los Angeles by…

Busting a Move on a Tour Bus

Tour Los Angeles on Wheels | 5 cheap ways to experience a new side of LA | Bikes / Bus Tours / Skate Parks / Segway Tours / Cycling / Beach Cruising

I’m all for public trans, but a bus ride doesn’t exactly get you a good night kiss. That is, unless that bus takes you on a tour of celebrity hot spots and tourist traps! (And it’s not a tour of LA if you don’t see some palm trees… also I had no good bus photos. womp womp.)

Ladies, if you haven’t ever wanted the chance to get a glance of Jax at Sur or tried to guess where Kim and Kanye might be eating at this very second, you’re a stronger woman than I.

Even if you could not give two shits about celebs, this kind of tourist trappy date brings out the goofiness in all of us. Don’t forget your fanny packs and visors. You don’t wanna stand out as locals.

Access Hollywood and City Safari offered the best double decker tour rates, but again, Groupon is where it’s at. You can find even deeper discounts to get you in that $20 range if you give it search ahead of time.

Tour Los Angeles by…

Skating By on Blades and Boards

Tour Los Angeles on Wheels | 5 cheap ways to experience a new side of LA | Bikes / Bus Tours / Skate Parks / Segway Tours / Cycling / Beach Cruising

Skateboards. Roller blades. Razor scooters with light up wheels. Two out of three of those are still cool.

Los Angeles is home to many skate parks, free to enter and free to enjoy. Personal fave? The park at Venice Beach.

Not only is this park surrounded by natural views contrasted with urban art, it’s home to some very talented skateboarders (who also happen to look good shirtless. But that definitely in no way has anything to do with why I like it there. Nope. Nothing to do with it.)

If the skate park is too adventurous, there’s plenty of flat terrain to tour and view some of Venice’s most famous highlights like Muscle Beach and a hundred places to get a weed card.

Whether you’re a regular rider or can barely balance on the board, there’s space for everyone to practice their skills. Rent a board or skates for $8 at Jay’s Rentals and get ready to roll.

When we were kids we all either rode skateboards and roller blades, or we desperately wanted to. Whichever side of those memories you’re about to relive, one thing’s for sure: if you fall and skin your knee, please don’t ask your date to kiss your boo boo.

Shout out to this guy’s 70s Disco skate skills. Truly inspirational for enjoying life on wheels.

Tour Los Angeles on Wheels | 5 cheap ways to experience a new side of LA | Bikes / Bus Tours / Skate Parks / Segway Tours / Cycling / Beach Cruising

TLDR: Best $20 Date Los Angeles Locales to Rent Wheels

SKATEBOARDS: Jay’s Rentals in Venice

ROLLER BLADES: Jay’s Rentals in Venice

BEACH CRUISERS: Santa Monica Bike Rental in Santa Monica

SEGWAYS: Groupon with $10 off WELCOME code

BUS TOUR: Access Hollywood, check Groupon first

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