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Cinderella’s Dream Date: The Pumpkin Patch

October 26, 2015
The Perfect Pumpkin.

Cinderella was the inaugural basic bitch.

Seriously, I doubt those mice she played with were even rodents at all. They were probably just very tiny yorkies.

The girl was totally obsessed with pumpkin spice. I mean, she basically drove to the ball in a pumpkin-spice-mobile.

“Some day my prince will come…” So DTF.

Bumpy pumpkin at the pumpkin patch

A bumpy pumpy meant for a wicked stepmother.

She dreamed the dream of many an LA woman… meet a rich man, use him to get you some nice shoes, then marry that poor SOB.

Now while most modern women aren’t too down to clean a fireplace for date night, every girl wants to be treated like a princess. So where’s the perfect October date?


From where I stand...

This Cinderella would NEVER lose a shoe.

Imagine the joys of your childhood as you scoured the pumpkin patch. Searching, zoned in, looking for the perfect one to carve.

What makes this date great is the activity itself is totally free fun. Who doesn’t get a little competitive searching for the best, roundest, least lopsided pumpkin?

One of my favorite parties I’ve hosted was a Pumpkin Carving party and you know what? So many people showed up without a pumpkin (thankfully I bought extra, because as if I was going to let anyone get away with not carving).

Now I’m a firm believer that the reason they showed up pumpkin-less is that no one made an event out of going to the patch.

Every girl who gets excited about the holiday season or a pumpkin spice latte secretly wants to be whisked away to the patch in a scarf and riding boots to take oh-so-adorable Instagram worthy photos.

Lifting a heavy pumpkin

That smile’s just gas. It was so heavy, I farted. Don’t judge.

While you can get a pumpkin almost anywhere during October, it truly is going to pumpkin patch instead of your local grocery store that makes this date awesome for so may reasons.

First, this date is all about the experience, the ambiance. You’re setting the scene for a Cinderella here.

Second, there are WAY more pumpkins to choose from! Big pumpkins. Little pumpkins. Bumpy pumpkins. And Cinderella’s fave… the FAIRYTALE Pumpkin!

And lastly, there are so many adorable kids and families around. There’s nothing to get you in the spirit of the season of the spirits like a tiny child in a Spiderman costume. Cue the aww’s.

Lifting a heavy pumpkin

Putting the PUMPed in pumpkin with some heavy lifting.

I’m a little sad because my favorite pumpkin patch of all time is closed this season due to the drought. But I found a few worthy patches perfect for picking a plump pumpkin.

Santa Monica – Shawn’s Pumpkin Patch

I don’t know who Shawn is, but I love him. This place has just the right variety of pumpkins and a whole lot of entertaining fun. Face painting, a hay maze, and more – but don’t be surprised if a lot of little kids are beating you to the line! There’s often a wait to get in for parking, but just around the corner are plenty of meters.

Culver City – Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch

This is a scene to be seen. A pumpkin palace where adults just might have more fun than kids. Especially if those adults enjoy spotting celebrities like Jessica Alba, Heidi Klum and Alessandra Ambrossio.

Moorpark – Underwood Family Farm

If you’re willing to make the trek out there, you’re going to get the true rustic farm feel the patch was meant for. This place is more of a day-trip than a quick visit kind of spot – and with weekends at $15 a ticket ($6 on weekdays) to attend the Fall Festival, you’re going to want to stick around. Enjoy a day out on the farm with “Pick-Your-Own Produce” and Farmer’s Market. I promise, Cinderella, this won’t feel like a chore.

So hop to it, Prince Charming! Someday her prince will come. Be that prince.

Oh, and pick her up a Pumpkin Spice Latte on the way.


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