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Hiking in LA

October 1, 2015


Perfectly populated places for every level of hiking enthusiast.

Runyon Canyon

Hiking Level – ALL LEVELS.

Whether you’re a basic bitch or on a date with one, Runyon is the place for you. It’s exactly what you’d anticipate when you think Hiking meets Hollywood. If people watching is your thing, Runyon won’t leave you lacking in things to talk about. Fully decked out in expensive workout gear and makeup, you’re sure to meet someone in “the industry” at every bend. It’s definitely a city-man’s hike… even if you choose the road less travelled, part of it’s still sure to be paved.

Not to say the hike is an easy one, but for hikers of all levels, it can be conquered! There’s a massive recently redone wooden set of stairs that can be murder for beginners who try to power through. Taken step-by-step, you can persevere. On water breaks, watch for sweat glistening eye-candy – Hollywood’s hottest hardbodies often RUN this trail.

Pro: This trail is short, sexy and dog-friendly.

Con: Parking’s a bitch.


Will Rogers

Hiking Level – BEGINNER.

Not sure if you or your date can handle the thrill of the hill? Will Rogers is the perfect place to test it out. The short 2.2 mile loop can be completed in about an hour. You’ll get a great balance of natural beauty and man-made wonder. Take a break to enjoy the ocean views at Inspiration Point mid-way.

Date going well and the hike’s already over? Horse around at the Will Rogers Polo Club or go on a self-guided tour of Will Roger’s ranch.

Pro: Short and sweet.

Con: If you’re looking for a workout, look elsewhere.


Temescal Canyon

Hiking Level – INTERMEDIATE.

Usually filled with friendly hikers, this 4 mile loop offers beautiful ocean and city views with just a mild incline.  Not too far of a drive from West LA, Temescal Canyon gives the feel that you’ve left the city, even though you can still view almost all of LA from some of its peaks.

As TLC so wisely taught us, don’t go chasin’ waterfalls. While sites often tout the waterfall views on this hike, odds are you’re not going to see it – especially not during this drought. Your best chance of seeing this is to be happy when it rains… hike the day after and you just might get lucky.

Pro:  Ocean views with a perfect place to unpack your picnic.

Con:  Bring cash for parking unless you want a ticket for 5x as much.


Sandstone Peak

Hiking Level – ADVANCED.

If you’ve been singing “Baby, there ain’t no mountain high enough…” on all your hiking dates, we challenge you, sir or madam. Of the more advanced hikes we’ve been on, this one takes the cake for a few reasons.

First, you’re not alone. Nothing makes a someone feel less safe on a hike than when she knows no one is around in case of emergency. Sandstone Peak has just gives just enough solitary moments to feel like a wilderness man while still being able to hear someone sneeze a few turns away.

Second, if you can make it to the top of the Mishe Mokwa trail, the views are INSANE. Seriously. You are legit standing on the edge of a cliff. Afraid of heights? DON’T. LOOK. DOWN. Instead, document your accomplishment with a check-in. Not on Facebook, you lame-brain. There’s a notebook stored in a stone monument – be proud and sign your name!

Pro: Spectacular views and dog-friendly too. Free street parking!

Con: Long trail + limited trash cans + dog friendly = Watch out for turds.


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