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Short & Sweet: 5 Reasons to Do Dessert Dates

February 11, 2016
5 Reasons to Do a Dessert Date. Twenty Dollar Date featuring dessert locations in Los Angeles

The Dessert Date… a short and sweet quick date treat!

OH CRAP. You’ve got a last minute date to plan.

Places are booked. Reservations are stressful. Dinners are LONG… and expensive.

What’s a guy or gal to do?

Simplify your situation and remember this phrase:


It’s the mantra of basic babes everywhere looking for an excuse to chow down. And luckily, most of us are willing to worship date night as a chance to cheat on our diets in the name of LOVE  and love handles.

Bakeries and dessert shoppes are the perfect places for a quick first-date bite for so many reasons…

First, it’s just one course. Date not going well? No obligation to keep it going! Finish that cone as fast as you can.

Second, it’s just one course. No awkward looks when the waiter asks if you want any appetizers. No expensive pre-fixe menus. Just that sweet, sweet sugar high with one low, low price tag.

Third, it’s just one course. If things go well, who wants to be weighed down before getting down? Have your cake and eat it too with a dessert date.

Ok, you caught me. That’s just one reason with multiple rationales.

5 Reasons to Do Dessert for Date Night!

Sharing is sweet. You know you want to.

Here are 5 perfect places to grab a variety of sweets with your sweet (or whoever shows up from tinder).

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM:

Sweet Rose Creamery (Brentwood/Santa Monica/Mid City)

Imagine your favorite childhood ice cream flavors. Now imagine your favorite adult flavors. Meld those together and you have the delectably light and creamy scoops served at Sweet Rose. Thankfully in LA, it’s rarely too chilly to enjoy ice cream in February. With patio seating and free parking, you can’t go wrong. Unless you hit rush hour. This place can sometimes get a bit of a line!

Dessert Dates in Los Angeles: Ice Cream at Sweet Rose Creamery

Ice cream. My one true love… Sorry, boys.

When you’re trying to get that CAKE:

Susie Cakes (Brentwood/Marina Del Rey/South Bay)

Are you the kind of person who thinks cupcakes are for wussies who can’t handle a whole piece of cake? Then boy have I found the place for you. The red velvet cake here is the stuff dreams are made of. If you thought Sprinkles cupcakes were good, you’ve got another thing coming. Sprinkles has so much sugar it leaves me with a toothache, but not these. Light and fluffy cake with a sugary, creamy frosting… and at just $6.25 for a massive slice, even the biggest sweet tooth will leave satisfied. But if you’re one of those cupcake wussies… they’ve got those too.

Delicious Desserts in Los Angeles. Have your cake and eat it too at this bakery!

I know you wanna bite this. It’s so enticin’…

If you give a gal a COOKIE, she’ll want a glass of…

Milk (West Hollywood)

Remember that infamous year of the macaroon craze? Imagine that… on steroids. Sure, you can get cake here. You can get cookies. You can get ice cream and coffee. But why would you when you can get a slab of that ice cream slapped perfectly between two perfectly chewy macaron cookies? With unique sandwiches like Fruit Loop and Thai Ice Tea, you may never be able to go back to those boring Neapolitan ice cream sandwiches again.

Why you should do Dessert first. Photo from MILK, West Hollywood

MILK this date for all its worth.

When you’re more of a CHOCOLATE kinda person:

ChocoVivo (Culver City)

We all know chocolate and love go hand in hand (it is an aphrodisiac after all!). So why not grab some chocolate that’s made by hand… all in house at ChocoVivo. From bean to bar, you’re getting hand-crafted, decadent chocolate, just like the Mayans and Aztecs made so many years ago. Love dessert in liquid form? Create your own custom chocolate drink.

5 Reasons to Do Dessert First in Los Angeles

It’s almost too beautiful to drink. ALMOST.

When you’re trying to SANDWICH it in your schedule:

Diddy Riese (Westwood)

You’ve got classic tastes. And a classic college budget. Pull a couple of those crumpled, forgotten singles out of your pocket and set your sights on this: two freshly baked cookies, a scoop of you favorite childhood flavor and a $2 price tag. When UCLA grads get nostalgic for their college days, I imagine it’s because of this place. (Ok, I am a UCLA grad. And I am nostalgic for this place. Take me back. TAKE ME BACK!!!) Long lines and cash only, but definitely worth the wait. If you can get there before 6pm, there is even free parking across the street on Broxton.

5 Reasons to Do Dessert Dates, featuring Diddy Reese in Westwood

“DIDDY really just ask me on a dessert date?!” … “Uh, I see no RIESEon why he shouldn’t!”

Whether you’re single, taken or on a last-minute meet-up, who can say no to a sweet treat?

However the date goes, you can tell your friends… You did it all for the cookie.

Have you found some sweets with a sweet price tag? Share the love by using the hashtag #20DollarDate!


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