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A Public School Even Rich Kids Would Love

October 27, 2015
Public School Tap House

Think you’re too cool for school?

Think again.

Public School is the place where grownups go to play.

Public School Bar

Cut loose at Recess.

Remember the days when the most exciting thing you had to look forward to was recess? Watching the hands on the clock move ever so slowly.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. RIIIIIIIIIIING. 

Recess is back and it’s better than ever at Public School in Culver City. Recess is PS on Tap’s nickname for Happy Hour. School days from 4-7pm, let the joy wash over you like a kid who’s finally gotten picked first for the dodgeball team.

Drink specials at these prices taste cooler and sweeter than even the most refreshing sip at the water fountain.

Big pours of wine!

Do you SEE this pour? That’s ONE glass. $10 gets you THREE. You do the math.

The first time I went to Public School, I felt like I was living in a wino’s first wet dream. $10 for a half liter of house wine. Now if you aced your high school maths, than you know what that equals:


Nope, not a joke. No PSYCH here. This is real life.

If you’re feeling exceptionally lavish, or you wanna play teacher’s pet with your date, spring for the Dean’s List wine special. $15 and you’re upgraded the same amount of a finer wine. 

Craft beer happy hour specials

Beers way better than the ones you actually drank in High School.

Beloved beer drinkers… do you think you can handle a handle? For just $5 or $6 each, these craft beers are worth the change you saved up from your paper route.

There’s a craft for every clique at Public School. At this Recess, nobody feels left out.

For the Jocks: Duvel

It’s a simple beer, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t STRONG. With a high alcohol content, it definitely packs a punch.

For the Nerds: School House IPA

A complex breed, with a lot going on upstairs. A lot of flavors, melding together. The perfect chemical composition to tantalize the tongue.

Cheerleaders: Paulaner Hefe-weizen

Light, refreshing and just slightly sweet. You’ll be cheering on Round 2.

The Goths: Old Rasputin

It’s DARK. It’s deep. It doesn’t mess around. This beer is strong with a high alcohol content and bold, heavy flavor.

The Drama Student: The $5 Well Drink

Tequila for the happy scenes. Whiskey for the sad ones. If these wine and beer specials didn’t fit the script, one of these well drinks will.

Dog Friendly Patio

It’s Take Your Dog to School Day, every day on the patio.

Hungry for a post-playground snack? Happy hour has you covered on food too (but sans brown paper bag with the adorable “I Love You” signed napkin from Mom).

Food specials range from $4, $5, $6 and $7 with fares way better than the cafeteria used to serve. From healthy Red Quinoa Salad to mouth-watering Chorizo Mac n’ Cheese, these snacks beat Lunchables any day of the week.

If you’re too nervous on your date to talk, just revert to the tried and true method of passing notes. Here, I’ll go first.

Do you like this Twenty Dollar Date? Circle YES or NO.


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