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DRIVE here for Date Night.

November 2, 2015
Girl golfing at driving range

Sometimes I wish I learned how to play golf just so I could wear those cute little mini skirts like Maria Sharapova when I play.

Oh wait, no. That’s tennis.

So now you know how little golfing experience I have. And you know what? At Aroma Resort, that is totally okay!

Until visiting Aroma, I thought a putting green was essentially like the batting cages for golf. And honestly, I wasn’t that far from wrong — except Aroma is different than your average driving range.

Driving Range Date

Stop PUTTzing around and DRIVE here already.

This expansive indoor driving range gives you space to learn how to hit a golf ball without worrying about holding up any old men in golf carts pissed about delays on their par 5… all while enjoying views of Koreatown from your own personal spot in four-stories of tees.

When I set forth in Aroma, I’d barely ever even held a putter in my hands outside of a miniature golf course. Let me tell you, driving in four stories of tees made me feel super profesh. (I just kept hoping I didn’t fling my driver out into the abyss.)

Koreatown Driving Range

With views like this, where else would you DRIVE?

With so many tees, there is a lot of space. Your personal booth has seats for you to chill and relax while you play or sip on some drinks from the juice bar. This date spot is a peaceful place to chat and get in a few strokes — assuming it won’t stroke your fear of heights.

Located on Wilshire just a few blocks from the Wiltern, Aroma is the perfect place to learn to hit the greens without spending all your green. When you arrive, you can purchase a card (similar to a hotel key) and add funds as you wish. Check their website for specific pricing which varies during the week, but outside peak weekday hours, just $12 usually gets you about 111 balls.

Driving range practice

Four stories and 111 balls to ago…

On our trip, the two of us loaded $20 on our card and played for hours, hitting over 100 balls each. As the blisters on our hands can tell you… that’s a LOT OF BALLS.

Speaking of balls, who wants deal with carrying a bucket of those? Aroma is way too tech-savvy for that.

After each stroke, your personal booth pops a new ball up to the tee for you. Your location keeps track of the number of balls you’ve hit and continues until your allotment runs out. Pretty cool, huh?

Putting Green Practice

There’s even a place to practice for those lean, mean, putting machines.

If you’re trying to get a little more luxurious on your date, spring for the full day-cation spa experience. For $70 you can get a shiatsu massage, spa access and “golf bucket” (which means 111 balls, because as we know, we’re beyond buckets here).

You can BYO clubs for free or rent some there. There is plenty of parking in a structure below the range.

Think your dating game is par for the course? Then you should be all FORE this date.


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