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5 FREE Dates to Tour Los Angeles like a Tourist

October 1, 2015

Living in Los Angeles, sometimes we get tied up in the hustle and bustle of work and forget that we live in a VACATION DESTINATION. Take advantage of the sites and try these 5 FREE tourist-style dates (with a few affordable suggestions thrown in!)

Venice Boardwalk

From food to freaks to odd types of fun, you can find it all down at the Venice Beach Boardwalk. Freaks, you say? Of course, this is what Venice is known for! For just $5 you can see all the oddities and unique characters that you saw featured on AMC’s Freakshow!

If the Freakshow doesn’t fit your fancy, outdoors on the boardwalk you can find plenty of oddities to fill your time. Wanna weed card? Some knock-off sunglasses? Unusual clown art? Maybe a new tattoo? It’s all within arm’s reach. Peruse the unusual people, places and things abound… If you’re an avid people watcher, you’ll never be at a loss for conversation at this location.

End your day with $3+ brews at the Whaler and a view of the sun setting over the Pacific.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Who needs TMZ when you can go on your own Star Search?

The Walk of Fame helps you locate where the stars of your favorite celebs may be around the streets of the City of Angels. To have an even more fun and impressive date, each of you choose your top 3 stars to find and go on a scavenger hunt! Last to locate their stars buys the first round. May we suggest Power House?

Hike to the Hollywood Sign

You’ve seen it on the big screen. You’ve viewed it from afar. Now get up close and personal with those big bold letters in real life: HOLLYWOOD. Or… DOOWYLLOH, as it will look to you…

There’s a trail for every level of hiker, so all can enjoy these sweeping views of Los Angeles and a quick selfie with one of LA’s most famous landmarks. Don’t forget our Hiking Date 101 tips!

Santa Monica Pier

Is there anything more romantic than a ferris wheel ride as the sun sets over the ocean? The Santa Monica Pier is one of the most famous locales in West LA. Featured in many movies from Titanic to A Night at the Roxbury to Forrest Gump, the Pier has that old school carnival charm with a story to tell. Want to read more of the story? Stop by the pier shop at the carousel building for a free historical walking tour.

Looking for something a bit unusual? Try this $20 Date Secret… Just past the pier on the beach you can often find some free entertainment. Many cirque de soleil and acrobatic performers practice their skills together in the park! You’ll find them at the park with the hanging rings.

La Brea Tar Pits

I guess, you’d say… what can make me feel this way? Tar pits… tar pits… TAR PITS! If you’ve seen (and loved) the movie My Girl, then carried that love on to see My Girl 2, then this place will definitely be recognizable. While you probably won’t see any mood rings bubbling up in the tar, you will learn a lot about wooly mammoths, saber tooth cats and other ice age giants!

Enjoy the spectacular LA weather and watch your step as you walk around the La Brea Tar Pits! Tar could be anywhere, and you don’t wanna end up the way of the mammoths! On your tour, be sure to check out the excavation sites and see what new discoveries are being made every day.

$20 Date Tip: The tar pits are right next door to LACMA. Stop by on select First Tuesdays for FREE admission to both.


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