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Meet up at The Misfit

October 22, 2015
Misfit Bar Exterior

If you’ve ever bought one of those newsboy caps and have been hunting for a place in the Westside to wear it… you’ve found your home.

At The Misfit, you’ll fit right in.

So I can blah-de-blah-de-blah about the hip decor, the hot bartenders, the packed restaurant and the breezy patio (and I will later) but there really is one thing about this restaurant that makes me feel at home.


Basil Gimlet

My beverage of choice: The Basil Gimlet

And not the pansy kind of cheap happy hour with watered-down booze and crappy service. This happy hour is for real manly men! The kind of men who need suspenders to hold up their trousers!

Seriously though. They like their drinks like they like their bartenders. STRONG.

And seriously, they take happy hour seriously. It’s EVERY DAY. You read that right. All day long until 7pm. Even on the weekends.

Happy Hour Cocktails at The Misfit

I’ll take one of each, plz. All just $6 during Happy Hour.

For just $6 a pop, you can get some killer trendy mixed drinks off their specialty menu. My go-to first drink each and every time is the basil gimlet. The perfect mix of refreshing herbs and OMG-they-definitely-did-not-forget-the-vodka.

With twists on the classics like the Clocktower Manhattan and the Mezcal Yellow Jacket, you might need an extra minute or two to decide. Or take the plunge and let your server make the choice for you! It’s pretty hard to choose wrong.

You’ll notice earlier I said “first drink”. I know. I’m a lush. And if you’re on a date with someone like me, you better check out the food menu. Oh, and take an Uber.

Misfit Happy Hour Drinks

Double fisting.

I recommend the $7 fries as a snack. Crisp shoestrings with just enough salt and grease to grease you up for round 2.

While food’s not too pricy for Santa Monica, dinner and drinks will definitely set you back over $20, however it is totally doable for $20 apiece.  But if a true $20 Date is your thing… well, buddy. You’re in luck.

You two lovebirds can partake in the $5 Bar Fly Lunch. And if you have the kind of life where you can stroll into bars for the lunch deal instead of being a corporate slave… I envy you, sir.

Yup, just hop up on a barstool and enjoy a mouthwatering ahi burger, heirloom brown rice bowl, and other daily specials for less than a delicious Happy Hour drink. Which, I might add, you could also get at lunchtime.

Take note though: Happy Hour and Bar Fly Lunch are only available AT THE BAR. You can get happy hour drinks inside or on the patio, but to snag a table, you’ve got to also snag something to eat.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

SURPRISE! Free delicious salted chocolate chip cookies at the end of your meal.

If you stop by The Misfit, there’s a good chance you might spot me at the bar. I love high-fives and free drinks.

Say hi! If it’s not me… well, then maybe you’ve just your next $20 Date. Or just tweet @20dollardatela and ask.


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