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Bump and GRIND. Coffee Grind.

October 10, 2015

All the lonely Starbucks Lovers… they tell me I’m insane. But I need my caffeine, baby. So up your coffee game.

We all know that Taylor Swift song. And Starbucks lovers are lonely for a reason. Coffee dates at chain coffee joints can feel pretty generic and cliche.

But we can all use a little caffeine sometimes.

With the surge of uber trendy coffee shops across LA, there’s no reason to settle for burnt, acid-like coffee at some run of the mill place serving basic bitches a PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte, you plebs). We can do better than that.


Caffe Luxxe

One more X in the name and you have some XXX rated coffee. And that’d make sense, because the lattes are orgasmic. They’ve got a few locations across the Westside in Brentwood and Santa Monica. Brentwood locations offer the most seating, but all are in conveniently walkable locations.


If you’ve dreamed of most your life, sippin’ in a hipster’s paradise… well, then you can find it in Venice, Silverlake or Pasadena. Intelligentsia serves some of the purest, most smooth tasting coffee to ever hit your lips. The perfect place to visit as you grow self-conscious of your Movember mustache. You’ll fit right in. Latte foam looks so sexy gracing the tips of a fumanchu, your date will wanna lick it right off.

Urth Caffe

Honestly, I hear their coffee is good, but I don’t know because I’ve never tried it. I’m too obsessed with the green tea lattes and blended boba drinks and change is hard. (Wipes drool off face). Known for their celeb-sightings, Urth is the perfect place to play paparazzi. Don’t be surprised if you spot Justin Beiber or Kendall Jenner. But keep it cool, you’re on a date, remember?

Alfred {Coffee & Kitchen}

But first, Coffee. That’s the motto at Alfred, and it’s oh so true when it comes to dating. Coffee is the perfect quick and easy get to know someone date, but at Alfred, you might just want to sit and stay a while. Enjoy the finer things, like a nitrogen-infused ice coffee or a sighting of Instagram celebs Tash Oakley and Devon Brugman.


Delicious coffee and a good deal. Saving $$$ and getting a caffeine fix at the same time? You sure know the way to my heart, mister. Sign up for their benefits program to get texts offering discount codes like 50% off your next drink. Mo money, mo coffee.

Venice Grind

Their logo might look like you’re on the highway to hell, but after the first sip you’ll think you’re in heaven. Their website offers tutorials on making the perfect cup to fit your tastebuds. Drop some knowledge on your date while you’re indulging on the outdoor patio.

Remember, COFFEE has CAFFEINE.

It’s great for a morning or mid-day getting-to-know you date… but at night? Might not be the best suggestion unless you’re trying to stay up late for a little bump and grind.

Coffee grinds. Get your mind outta the gutter, kids.


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