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Make Movie Night a Red Carpet Affair

November 9, 2015
Westwood Village at night

The occasional Netflix and chill night is good, but sometimes you just need the ‘wood.


Get your minds out of the gutter, kids. I’m talking about getting out to The Fox and The Bruin theaters for movie night!

The Movie-Theater-Date-Night is about as iconic as the theaters of Westwood. But those theaters are what’s gonna make this movie-date different. As historic Los Angeles landmarks, The Westwood Village Fox and The Bruin theaters have been in the game way longer than on-demand streaming.

Both theaters opened back in the 1930s and have since been named Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments. The 1980s art-deco neon lights display a sight that beckons you into the box office.

The Fox Regency Movie Theater exterior

Kozy up with the Kollege Kids on a kloudy night like this.

I love these theaters because they bring movies back to the good ol’ days of Old Hollywood. Although they’ve been revamped a few times since opening, the interiors will have you humming “Let’s all go to the lobby!” Inside the theater is a classic landscape of velvety chairs, a large screen, and elaborate and intricate decor.

These theaters also give you something that other movie-theater locations might lack: FOCUS. You’ve only got one major blockbuster showing in each theater!

No more hemming and hawing…

“Whadda you wanna see?” … “Oh, uhhhh… I dunno, that one?”… “Oh, well thats only showing at 9pm”… “But I heard the other one wasn’t that good.”… “OK, so then, uh, what should we do?”


The Bruin Regency Theater

Even Trojan fans can fare well at this theater.

Clearly both old and new Hollywood agree with me. These classic theaters are still a celebrity sensation for red carpet affairs. For 60 years and counting, these theaters have been hosting movie premieres for the likes of Harry Potter, James Bond, Batman and more.

Your butt could be warming the same seat as Angelina Jolie. Brad Pitt. Megan Fox. Vince Vaughn. Will Smith.


Hosting its fair share of red carpets, checking out a movie premiere in Westwood is a date night in itself. Get there early enough and you got yourself a front row seat at a chance to snap a selfie with Jennifer Lawrence. (You know you want that on your Instagram.)

You can check out a list of premieres happening at these theaters here.

The Fox Theater landmark tower

Cheesy Pick-Up Line: “Aren’t you lookin’ mighty FOXy tonight!” You’re welcome.

Before or after the flick, Westwood is host to a slew of places with cheap eats, drinks, happy hours and more, all walking distance to these theaters. There’s nothing like a romantic walk through the streets of Westwood to get love a’BRUIN.

Stop by Diddy Riese for a $2 ice cream and freshly baked cookie sandwich. (My heart just broke typing that, and if you’re an OG Bruin, you know these use to be like $1 back in the day. Damn you, inflation. DAMN YOU!!!)

Starbucks, Boba Loca, Enzo’s Pizza are all within a block and can offer some quick and affordable pre-popcorn snacks.

O’Haras (a.k.a. Maloney’s, for the traditionalists), Barney’s Beanery and the Glendon each have their own style of affordable adult beverages within a block or two, just in case you’re looking for more than coffee and tea.

Are you Bruin at the Bruin? A Trojan fan testing the waters of Westwood? Or… dare I say it… a house-divided divided on which movie to watch?

No worries. This date’s all good in the ‘wood for all sides of the rivalry.


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