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Netflix and Chill.

November 3, 2015
Netflix and Chill

Netflix and Chill.

Three words, so many feels.

I’m talking all the feels. Feels of nerves. Feels of excitement. Feels of an arm creeping around your shoulder. And the movie hasn’t even started yet.

Netflix movie binge

“Comfortable? Yea, I’m totally comfortable! Thanks for asking.”

For those of you wondering (you’re probably not single), “Netflix and Chill” is just that. Inviting someone over to binge watch movies and relax… with the usually prayer for a hook-up. Think of it as the lazy man’s Drive-In experience… from your couch and walking distance to your bedroom.

The sentiment behind the popular “Netflix and Chill” started long before Buzzfeed made it cool.

Popcorn and wine movie night

Sharing is caring. But don’t touch my wine.

Back in the day, I was doing this before live streaming even existed. Kids these days, you don’t know how easy you’ve got it, playa.

And you know what? Most of the time it was awkward, weird, uncomfortable, and so many other emotions I generally don’t want to feel on date night.

There was the guy who made me watch Memento backwards with no sound to the soundtrack of Pink Floyd. If you don’t know, Memento is difficult enough to understand going forward.

There was another guy who invited me over for Grandma’s Boy and pizza, which he’d finished faster than his blunt, all before I’d even arrived. Movie not recommended when you’re stone cold sober.

He's goin' for it.

What’s this? Human touch? It’s… so… foreign.

Needless to say, none of those ended with even a kiss on the cheek. Which, if I’m understanding the idea correctly, is not the night you had planned when you put oh so much thought into the night. But hey, at least these bro’s gave it the good ol’ college try.

So movie lovers and tinder enthusiasts, rejoice! Here are some fun and simple ways to make sure “Netflix and Chill” doesn’t become “this prick’s a pill.”


Do you really want to sit around asking “Whadda you wanna watch?”… “Oh, I dunno, what do YOU wanna watch?” What a waste of time when you could be getting down to business getting busy.

Pretty much any theme will do. All this does is show a little thought put into the night. Think of how many options are on Netflix. It literally can feel endless sometimes. The guys above weren’t too far away for a good theme, especially if Gma’s Boy had saved me some pizza.

Staying in Scary Movies


Some simple ideas include:

Scary Movie Night: You’ll be jumping for your hand to hold in no time. Have three specific movies in mind: a classic, a thriller and maybe something a little gory. Hiding your eyes during the scary parts might end up with you looking deeply into your date’s.

Old School Faves: Each of you choose your favorite movie or TV series from your youth and take a stroll down memory lane. This theme will spark some conversation, laughs and joking look into their childhood psyche.

Start a Series Together: Have both of you never seen Orange is the New Black? Seriously, get it together, guys. Once you start the binge, it’s hard to stop. If you need a reason for Nexflix & Chill, Round 2, you’ve got it in the bag. Get ready for some Crazy Eyes.

Wine, popcorn and Netflix

Beat the Hunger Games with this trilogy: Wine, popcorn & Netflix.


I didn’t say you’ve gotta prepare a smorgasbord. A cheap bottle of wine and a nibble of cheese. Some freshly popped popcorn. Go the extra mile and ask about their favorite candy, then go the extra mile to CVS to have it on hand as a surprise. They say food is the way to a man’s heart, but it’s also the way to a woman’s.

Netflix Movie Night Date

From Devil Wears Prada to Devil Wears Nada.


Got some candles? Perf. Breath mints in reach. Mouthwash accessible in the bathroom. Do you really wanna get fresh without fresh breath? A little bit of preparation can go a looooooong way.

For those in relationships, Netflix and Chill can become more of a regular date night than you might like. But taking just a few of these steps to make the night unique can add some spice back into movie nights.

Kick it up a notch by using knowing each other so well to your advantage! You know their favorite ice cream, have it prepped in the freezer. If you have a favorite sing-a-long Disney flick (no shame, we all do), have it on deck. Have fun with it! Dress up to role play Aladdin. You might get a magic carpet ride.
Been doing a lot of Netflix and Chill? Hope you’re makin’ out like a bandit.


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