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Wine & Candy Pairing with your Boo.

October 28, 2015
Skull drinking a glass of red wine

There’s a reason for this season and the reason is this:


So I don’t know what your plans are for Halloween, but at some point, I plan on sitting on the floor, spread eagle, sorting through mounds of morsels from Trick or Treating.

Ok, geez, you got me. I just bought myself one of those mega-mix candy bags at Costco. But seriously, who enjoys Almond Joys? That crap still needs to be sorted OUT.

Me and my boo.

Me and my boo.

Now I’m not about to just gorge myself on pure processed sugar. That wouldn’t be ladylike.

I’m a classy broad with fancy tastes, and thusly I shall be chasing my candies with Vampire Blood. Better known in non-Halloween times as red wine. (Which consequently actually thins your blood, meaning vamps would probably be less DTS — Down to Suck.)

When you get home from your lavish costume parties or if you’re just chillin’ like a villain in a villain costume at home, at some point, you’re gonna wanna cease the See’s.

What better excuse to eat candy unabashedly in front of your crush than a date night set up for purposely pairing your favorite childhood treats with your favorite adult ones?

Candy and Wine Pairings

I’ll take any excuse to eat candy.

Fine Wine Feature:

Nonno Giuseppe; 2002 Old Vine Zinfandel, $9.99

Sometimes during the holidays I feel like I will literally DIE without a glass of wine. Like OMG LITERALLY DEAD.

Thankfully Ali at the Wine Expo was able to bring me back to life. Sadly I can’t say the same about that bro in the first photo.

I’ve had this wine before and for $9.99, it never disappoints. It tastes far better than its price point. I can never remember what it’s called, and usually ask for Old Guy upon my visit.

Ghost with wine

In the spirit of spirits, I’m willing to share my OG wine with a true OG.

You’ll be happy to know that Old Guy is not the skull in my photo, but a photo memoir to one of the winery’s OGs. (And no, that does not stand for Old Guy, but it works). The G does stand for Giuseppe. Nonno Giuseppe, the name of the wine.

Over 10 years old, this wine is as vintage as you’re gonna find for under 10 bucks. It’s not your usual jammy fruit bomb of a younger zinfandel. Earthy flavors, softer tannins, you’ll detect layers in the flavor as it opens up over time.

Pair with lighter fare like pork and poultry, stir fry vegetables. Or in spirit of the spirits this Halloween, pair it with anything dark chocolate. Adult dark chocolate. At least 55% cocoa.

Note: This price won’t last forever. Just like Old Guy.

Wine & Candy Pairing image courtesy of Vivino.


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