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Dog-Friendly Date Ideas to Get Tails Wagging

March 3, 2016
Dog-Approved Ideas for a Dog-Friendly Date

Been wondering who’s a good boy (or girl)? It’s YOU if you plan one of these dog-friendly date ideas for a dog-owner!

Planning a dog-friendly date can be ruff. You could end up with your tail between your legs! Thankfully a little research can help make for one fetching date.

Why would you date a dog-owner? Personally I think dogs have a sixth sense about people. I think you can tell a lot about a person by how they treat and react to pets. If you have a dog or are dating someone with a beloved canine companion, putting in a little extra thought to plan a dog-friendly date can go a long way.

And as a dog lover who doesn’t own a dog, I’d be all over a puppy date like a dog in heat.

Whether you’re in a relationship or going out with a pal with a pup, these dog-friendly date ideas are guaranteed to get tails wagging.

Dig a dog-owner as much as a dog digs your backyard? Try one of these Dog-Friendly $20 Dates!

Puppy-Approved Ideas for a Dog-Friendly Date #20DollarDate

It’s the little things that bring joy to dates (Seriously little, she’s only 5lbs!)

Plan a Dog-Friendly Hike

If there’s one assumption I can make about most dog lovers and owners, it is this: They are FIT!

I’m not sure if fit people tend to be dog people or if dog people tend to be fit people, but whether it’s a case of correlation or causation, hiking is the perfect way to embrace both parts of them on this date.

I love hiking with dogs because you get this amazing sense of wonder as they explore the environment. If the dog is big enough, it’s an added level of protection against nature’s bad boys, mountain lions and coyotes.

If you’re walking a big dog, they can usually handle longer hikes. Pint-sized pups tucker out quicker, so keep it at 1-2 miles max.

Make sure to bring extra water (and a dish) as well as snacks for both your date and their dog! Read some tips on prepping for a hiking date HERE.

Dog-Approved Los Angeles $20 Date: Sandstone Peak (Santa Monica Mountains)

Puppy-Approved Ideas for a Dog-Friendly Date #20DollarDate

Did somebody just say bacon? SOMEBODY ORDERED THE BACON!

Brunch or Afternoon Drinks on an Outdoor Patio

Mimosas, munchies, and mutts! Oh my!

If there is one thing we know most people are use to, it’s being asked out for drinks. If there is one thing we know most people love, it’s brunch. But for dog owners, any big outings might be an intrusion on their dog’s schedule (when they gotta poop, they gotta poop.)

Planning ahead to find a dog-friendly spot for the date? Now you’re barking up the right tree for a date with dog owners.

Why dog dog-owners for their commitment to their four-legged friend when you can invite them along?

While most restaurants won’t allow furry friends inside the premises, many are okay with dogs on an outdoor patio – as long as they don’t have to walk through the restaurant to get there. (Which totally makes sense… dogs + food + dog hair = one potentially unsanitary situation!) Just call ahead to find out their pet policy.

Lucky for us in West LA, many Santa Monica restaurants have already made patios fur-friendly.

Dog Approved Los Angeles $20 Date: Public School 310 (Culver City)

Dog-Approved Ideas for a Dog-Friendly Date #20DollarDate


Prepare a Dog Park Picnic

Enjoy the dog dates of summer (and spring!) with an outdoor picnic at a dog-friendly park!

There is nothing more adorable than a well planned picnic with your pooch that ends with a smooch (hopefully not from the dog…)

Slap together some sandwiches, a couple plastic glasses (like these unbreakable ones perfect for picnics) and your beverage of choice. May I recommend a thermos of wine or sparkling water to up the fancy factor?

The best dog parks to have picnics at are the ones already equipped with picnic tables. We all know how dogs love to beg… but it’s a lot easier to skip the begging and go straight to the sneaking if you’re eating lunch on the ground at dog level.

Bonus points if you bring a couple extra slices of deli meats or special treats to show your friend who’s a good boy!

Dog Approved Los Angeles $20 Dollar Date: Barrington Dog Park (West LA)

Puppy-Approved Ideas for a Dog-Friendly Date #20DollarDate

Do it for the dogs.

Must love dogs? Then I hope you can get your paws on these dog-friendly dates soon! Would you bring your dog on date night?


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