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Get Geeky with Board Games

November 10, 2015
Board Game date at home

Board Games?

More like BORED games! Amirite?!

Nope, I’m wrong.

As the winter months roll in, the days become shorter and you run out of Netflix shows to watch, you are gonna be craving something to fill those chilly nights. Board games. That’s your new date night fix.

“Scrabble and Wine” is totally becoming the new “Netflix and Chill”. You read it here first.

If you’re in a relationship, you’re like “Duh, I love board games! This date is what we call Tuesday.”

If you’re single, try taking a risk on Risk. Make a dash to Balderdash! Roll the dice on this date-night in.

Scrabble Game Date

That face when someone is taking WAY too long on their turn and you already know you’re gonna win.

5 Reasons to Try a Board Games Date:

  1. You find out real quick if your date is an idiot. Your Tinder date looked cute in their pics, but they can’t add up the dice in their head. Swipe left!
  2. It breaks the ice! Especially if this is one of your first times chillin’ together at home. (Just don’t choose the literal Don’t Break the Ice game. You might get the COLD shoulder.) Really, if its your first time inviting your guy/gal over, sometimes its awkward. Playing a board game forces you to talk to each other, whether it’s over learning the directions, discussing your next move, or teasing each other about a bad turn.
  3. It’s a chance to go head to head and test your competitive edge! Are you dating a sore loser? Or do YOU always have to be the one to win? Playing board games tests how you’ll work together (or against each other) so you can get a taste of how you react to each other in stressful or competitive real-life scenarios. Remember, it’s all just in fun! Unless you are playing me, because I play to WIN.
  4. You can unabashedly release your inner geek. With profile pics, snapchats, IMs and texts, it’s pretty easy to get obsessed with looking and sounding cool to the opposite (or same) sex. Game night is the night to forget all that. It’s about strutting your smarts and being brainy. Roll up your sleeves and push up those glasses, things are about to get geeky.
  5. Best of all… IT’S FREE! And your fave affordable drink is right in reach, no corkage fee required.
Board Game Date Night: Scrabble Edition

You’re about to get schooled.

If you are competitive like me, you’ll be obsessed with this kind of date. A chance to prove my intelligence and gain the prize of pride? Hello, I’ll be here every week.

Finding games perfect for two is not always the easiest of tasks. Many games require 4 or more players, or teams of two, which are best saved for double-date nights.

While you could always pretend to be more than one player… eh, dating is complicated enough. Game night should be easy.

Which is why I researched some of the best board games that you can play with just you and your boo.

Board Game date night at home

The moment you find out QI is a real word in the dictionary.

The Classics

Throwback to these games you might have deep in the back of your closet behind your unread college textbooks and that giant yoga ball.

  • Scrabble. Think board games can’t be sexy? Think again. Once I played both the words “nipple” and “vagina” in the same game. Boo-yah.
  • Risk. You’re at risk for a looooong night though. Start off early if you’re planing on dominating this date. Get in the spirit of the season with Star Wars version and show ‘em a night out of this world.
  • Chess. Apparently you can get scandalous using the official rules of “Strip Chess.” Layer up, boys. The King is stationary and the Queen has all the power on this date. I’m not even talking about the game. Checkmate.

New Games on Deck

I’ve only just recently heard of these, but that is a big part of the fun. I get to laugh off my mistakes instead of face-palming them. Strategy and critical thinking are the way to the win.

  • Patchwork. Uh, this game sounds so lame when you read about it. You’re making a quilt out of board game pieces. Like what am I, a grandma? But only the sharpest of little old ladies could figure out the keys to this quilt. Made for only two players, it’s like a clever game of IRL Tetris. It might look like its for oldies, but it’s a goodie.
  • Splendor. Well, isn’t this what you were looking for? A magnificent night of Splendor? Ladies, this game entails acquiring precious stones to make the perfect jewelry. Strategy is key to getting the jewels. Remember, if he likes it, then he better put a ring on it.
  • Lost Cities. Two explorers embark on a journey! OMGEEE It’s just like you guys and your journey to learn how to play this card game! Together, you’ll go on adventures around the world trying to discover many of the world’s mysteries, like the Egyptian desert, the rainforest and the clitoris.

If you’d put up a fight against this game night, SORRY and I wish you luck in your Trivial Pursuit of a better idea. If you think its cool to try to school your date, then game on.

Did I miss your favorite 2-player game? Comment it below so I can check it out!


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