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Netflix and Chill
At Home

Netflix and Chill.

Surprise! You might not even watch a movie. Netflix and Chill. Three words, so many feels.…

November 3, 2015
salmon tartare and side dishes
At Home

Raise the Bar with Salmon Tartare

Served with some hot jasmine rice and a bowl full of light tortilla chips, you’re down to have a swimmingly good time eating this Salmon Tartare. Wash it all down with some sake.…

October 29, 2015
Skull drinking a glass of red wine
At Home

Wine & Candy Pairing with your Boo.

What better excuse to eat candy unabashedly in front of your crush than a date night set up for purposely pairing your favorite childhood treats with your favorite adult ones?…

October 28, 2015
At Home

Introducing Wine Wednesday!

Imagine you are a lovely, sweet lady such as myself who’s been invited over by a young chap to watch Netflix and chill. But what’s this? You two aren’t the only things chillin’! That gent’s got a bottle of red in the fridge ready…

October 21, 2015
At Home

BBQ Chicken Recipe. #Moist

BBQ. The food of the gods. But Gods don’t get BBQ fingers or need bibs. Gods don’t accidentally wipe their hands on their shirts or drip a dollop of sauce on their pants. …

October 19, 2015