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5 Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts for Under $20

February 8, 2016
Show your love with these 5 gives for under $20 this Valentine's Day

And they’re all better than chocolate…

Though it’s not like I’m about to turn down Valentine’s chocolates or anything. But I’m getting older, and this metabolism ain’t what it use to be.

And really, there ain’t nothing like biting into some nasty artificial cherry-filled chocolates to kill the mood on Valentine’s Day.

If you ask me though (and clearly you are because, well, you are reading this), I think you can do better. A lot better.

Check out these affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts that kick chocolate’s ass.

A Bottle of Wine

Get Fancy! Wine and Chocolate Pairings for Valentine's Day

A rose and a rosé. Alright, alright, it’s a zinfandel. Which pairs well with dark chocolate.

We all know chocolate is an aphrodisiac. But if you’re gonna go that route, GO BIG or go home. Alone.

Seriously, there is nothing more sad to me than sitting at home alone on a Netflix binge devouring leftover Valentine’s Day chocolates. You know how you turn that girl’s frown upside down? Throw a bottle of delicious red, red wine to that mix.

We’re all adults here. And nothing makes you feel like you’re adulting better than wine pairings. Pairing wine with chocolate is a simple and affordable way to take a blah, generic gift and turn it into something perfectly curated to your date’s taste. Literally.

Learn how to impress your date by decanting with this Decanting How-To.

A Mani. A Pedi. A Mani-Pedi.

Celebrate the single life on Valentine's Day with a GALentine's Girl Date!

Livin’ that single life? Celebrate GALentine’s Day with a Girl Date!

Look, I know you don’t wanna touch her feet. Or maybe you do, but that’s what we call a foot fettish. Which personally, if you gotta choose a fetish for my man to have, the one that comes with a nightly foot massage doesn’t sound so bad.

But just because feet aren’t your thing doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate a nice set of phalanges. And we appreciate your appreciation.

A mani/pedi is a time to relax and be pampered. While they aren’t expensive (usually around $20 for a combo), for many of us this kind of thing is more of a treat than the norm. Especially if your lady is on the busier side with work, kids, you name it. When life gets in the way, it can be hard to remember to take a bit of time to treat yourself.

Which is why if you give her this gift for Valentine’s Day, you’ll really NAIL it.

Not afraid to get down with your feminine side? Join her!

Lush Massage Bar (and a Sensual Massage to go with it, of Course)

Massages can be on the expensive side. Raise the bar on your night in with a massage bar from Lush.

This massage bar brings all the decadence of the massage parlor into your home! They smell so delicious and are made with all natural ingredients so they moisturize your skin as you go (instead of just giving you that slippery Astro-glide feeling all over your body. Is it sexy to feel like a Slip-n-Slide?)

My personal favorite is the Wiccy Magic Muscle bar because it has a delicious cinnamon smell and the little beads in it help massage as you put it on. As the bar melts, it gives you the tingly feeling of Icy Hot (without the old man chemical scent) helping sore muscles. Perfect for post-workout bliss!

Here is a pretty awkward video so you can learn techniques for an erotic and sensual massage that can amp up your skills when you put this gift to use.

Panties & Manties

A photo posted by MeUndies (@meundies) on

I’m officially calling men’s underwear “manties”. I’m starting a movement.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I’ve seen, men tend to wear their underwear until it dies a painful, depressing, skid-marked death.

It’s gross. Fix it this Valentine’s Day. For both your sake. With a fun matching set of underwear!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Women can NEVER have too many pairs of underwear. NEVER. I have about 4 thousand pairs. An entire drawer dedicated to underwear for various occasions. And yet every goddamn time I walk by Victoria’s Secret, I feel an urge to splurge on about 7 more. Am I right ladies?

Check out these ultra adorable pairs from Me Undies and some others linked below.

Go silly.

Go scandalous.

Go crazy. And then go crazy taking them off!

The Valentine’s Day Date-Night Coupon Book

Oh, the ever trusty coupon book. Remember when you used to make these for your mom on Mother’s Day promising to do your chores that you were supposed to do anyway?

Bring it back and better than ever!

You could go with a simple pre-made version from Etsy.

Or you could be a big boy and design your own! Creativity is just the cutest. You know your person best, that is why your with them!

My personal suggestion for this would be to research a bunch of affordable or free things to do that you guys have talked about before, research them and put them together in coupon form! It saves you the money of having to buy a big gift in a lump sum and allows you to keep the Valentine’s Day romance going for weeks to come.

Five Valentine's Day Gifts under $20 - that are better than chocolate!

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Do you think a Valentine’s Day gift has to be expensive to be appreciated? Prove that myth wrong and leave a link to your favorite $20 gift you’d love below!


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