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Warm Up to this Date: Free Snowboarding

February 3, 2016
Seize the day... and your date -- so you can take advantage of this snowboarding deal! The best discount ski lift ticket in California.

Does anything get your heart pounding like white beautiful powder? But there’s a reason hittin’ the slopes has a reputation of being for the rich only.

Slow your roll, bros. I’m talking about the ski and snowboard slopes.

YOU: “But this is Twenty Dollar Date. Lift tickets are usually $100 each!”

Yea, you’re telling me. Normally a ski trip kills my bank account. But mama wanted to go snowboarding. And mama gets what mama wants.

But mama also takes this blog seriously. Very seriously.

So seriously, I’m going to tell you how I went snowboarding.

At Big Bear.


Can I get a  BOO-YAH?

Who says only the rich can hit the slopes? Learn to snowboard or ski for CHEAP in California with this $20 Date idea!

Watch out where the huskies go, and don’t you eat that yellow snow. Stick to the Chalet if you need a bite to eat… or better yet, bring your own!

Now, $20 usually won’t get you more than a few drinks in the chalet, which is a total bummer when you’re on a budget and all your friends are telling you how wicked sick that pow pow is.

(Still not clear if I’m using any of those words correctly; I heard people say them in the chalet and it sounded super legit. P.S. The Chalet is where the bar is located, since PRIORITIES.)

If you have ever been to Bear Mountain, then you know that on the weekends tix will run you a pretty penny (approx. $79 each).

As I always stress, with a little planning and research, you can really stretch that dollar on date night without looking like a cheapskate.

You are gonna stretch that dollar right up to the top of the summit, baby!

Snowboarding can be tough! Get inspired to give it a shot with this tip to find affordable lift tickets in California.

The single life is rough. And apparently so is snowboarding! So when it gets you down…

So back to your planning ahead. I want to be honest with you, and I may have fibbed just a bit on the free part. It’s not totally free… Technically it’s going to cost you $20 each. But I promise, that’s it.

Keep an eye out for an amazing ski and snowboard expo  that happens in early winter called SKIDAZZLE.

A ticket usually costs $20 (I’ve even seen the occasional Groupon discount).

I do not care if you already have all your gear. I do not care if you only plan on renting all season. I do not care if your best friend Tommy said you could borrow his board even though Tommy played college basketball and you couldn’t even dunk on Dinklage.

All I care about is that you get two of those tickets, hop in your car and be-bop on down to that expo.

Outdoor Adventure Date Idea: Lift tickets! Use this tip to find cheap snowboarding and ski tickets in California.

BUY BUTT-PADS! Just kidding. But seriously, get your snow-covered tush back out there!

Skidazzle happens every year and is usually held at the LA Convention Center in DTLA. It’s a pretty cool expo in itself, with tons of discounts on merchandise, snow clothes and deep discounts on last season’s gear.

The main benefit, however, (as with so many Expos) is the free stuff you receive to entice you to go.

Every year SKIDAZZLE offers some amazing deal on a lift ticket included with your entry. Options include your choice of BOGO deals, a discounted (sometimes free) lesson, or my personal favorite…


Now if you didn’t give me that BOO-YAH before, you owe it to me now.

Winter Date Idea: Lift Tickets at Big Bear Mountain Ski and Snow Resort

Getting off of the chair lift is a lot like sex… the first go is terrifying and you don’t know what to expect — but things sure do get a lot better with practice!

Yea, there are stipulations on when you can go. Yea, you had to drive out to the Expo to get it. Yea, each person who wants their free lift ticket needs to be there to redeem.

But NO ONE is going to call you a cheap date for this one. (And if they do, why on Earth would you want to spend an entire day in God’s Country with a person who doesn’t fully appreciate the beauty of both the mountain AND one of the greatest day-date deals of all time?!)

SKIDAZZLE has been going on for years and years. Like before I was even born, and that is practically ancient. With 35 years of the sweetest deals in snow under their belt, I feel pretty confident that this deal will be around for years to come.

Take advantage of it. Plan ahead.

GoPro: Ski and Snowboard Resort in Southern California

The only sight more beautiful than this should be your date. (Feel free to use this line, guys.)

There also happens to be a SKIDAZZLE up in Seattle, Washington, which offers a similar deal for a resort up in the Pacific Northwest if you’re really trying to maximize a trip up there.

Snowboarding is legit one of my favorite winter activities and this deal gives us all the chance to learn how. It’s even great for virgins.

No, you pervert. I mean, whether it’s your first time or your 50th time, this date is perfect for all skill levels.

Newbs: Worried you’ll hate snowboarding?

Stop worrying! You didn’t waste precious dollars. Worried you’ll bruise your pride (or worse, your ass) if you fall? Ha, as if your pride hasn’t already taken a beating after glancing at that pitiful number of Tinder matches you got going there. And they make butt pads for your ass.

Kidding, kidding. (BUTT seriously, you can purchase them for cheap HERE.)

Professional Snowboarders (Or those who fancy themselves as such):

Use this deal as an opportunity to impress someone with your skills. Take the time to teach the sport to someone new without getting frustrated that you spent your money to watch him/her slide around on their butt all day.

I am a fairly decent snowboarder who used this deal to go with someone who has literally never been to the mountains before ever in his life.

We had a BLAST. (Just check out this short video if you need proof!)

Use the $$$ you’d have spent on tickets and snag some adult beverages to warm you up after a few good runs. While you’re at it, hoot, holler, and share this Twenty Dollar Date with everyone you meet on the mountain!


Just don’t cheer too loud…

Snow is sexy. Avalanches are not.

Carpe Diem! Seize the day --and your date-- and tag #20DollarDate in your best snow photos!

Seize the day –and your sweetie– and plan your next #20DollarDate!


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